Question by  yntern (58)

When do hornets go dormant?


Answer by  navywriter (790)

Although they don't completely die out, hornets tend to go dormant in the winter or if it goes below freezing outside. You still have to be careful because they dont all die out, they just react slower and there are less of them around the hive to bother people.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

For the most part, only fertilized females will go dormant over the winter. The rest of the population dies off due to cold weather and age. The hibernate under logs and rocks. In warn areas, they can be active all year long.


Answer by  coral (54)

Male hornets do not hibernate and die off at the end of summer. Female hornets hibernate in the winter after the temperature begins to get cold. Most of them do not survive the winter. Those that do come out of hibernation in the spring and build new nests.


Answer by  luxy32 (50)

I believe that Hornets are active in the warm Spring and Summer months when their food supply is more readily available. During the Winter they are dormant due to cold and lack of food sources.

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