Question by  virgolasvegas (28)

When a guy says he wants to "hang out", what does it mean?


Answer by  Taylor (863)

Generally speaking it usually means he wants to get to know you better and determine wither or not he wants to date you. Bring a friend!


Answer by  S93 (524)

When a guy says that he wants to hang out and he initiates the invite, it means that he is interested in you romantically.


Answer by  Stan567 (417)

It depends on the guy and on your history. If you've just met him, it means he wants to get to know you better. If you've known each other for a long time, it may just mean that he wants to be your friend. Either way, it means he likes you in some way.


Answer by  boylen (168)

It could mean different things. He may simply want to hang out with you as friends, or he may want to "hang out" with the hopes of having sex, or he may like as more than a friend and want to "hang out" to see if you like him too.

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