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Question by  Ferrant (69)

What should I know about stopped-up sweat glands?


Answer by  lalagirl (83)

This condition is called Fox-Fordyce disease. When sweat glands are blocked, cysts that are filled with celluar debris form. The symptoms of this condition include bumps around hair follicles, reduced sweating in the affected area, and thickening of the skin with scratching. This condition is more prevalent in females than males and usually occur after adolescence.


Answer by  kdem (551)

The only sweat glands that you should attempt to stop up are the ones under the arms. If this remains a problem for you you could try prescription antiperspirant.


Answer by  Kyte (38)

They can cause acne, boils, or a disease called Fox-Fordyce Disease. Fox-Fordyce can be treated with topical steroids, Tretinoin cream, and rarely surgery. It is commonly found in areas of a lot of sweating such as armpits and genitals.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

It means that they're blocked. When this happens you can't sweat out of them and you break out. Make sure you always stay clean and wash yourself.

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