Question by  cjs1116 (16)

What should I know about my cat being dazed?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I'm not sure what you mean. If your cat is acting dazed, confused, lethargic- not eating, sleeping excessively you NEED to go to the vet- there are so many things that could cause this, and many could be fatal, quickly. Look for wounds, does your cat go outdoors, could he have been winged by a car? Let your vet advise.


Answer by  Kazekami (197)

if your cat is dazed it might be a serious health problem. If your cat is a seinor it might be senility. You should consult your vet.


Answer by  scooby851 (158)

If your cat is dazed, did it get hit on the head? Is this the first time the cat has been dazed? What is the cause of your cats behavior? Did the cat eat something it shouldn't have? How long has it been dazed? Were there seizures involved? If it lasts call a vet.


Answer by  CarrieHamston (149)

Be aware of your cat's surroundings to be sure it is not under the influence of any intoxicating substance. Perhaps your cat is tired or sick.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

If your cat is acting dazed you should take it to a vet to make sure it's ok. It's not normal for a cat to be acting dazed, so it might need medical attention.

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