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Question by  anand26 (18)

What should I do if my Brazilian gecko has a swollen limb?


Answer by  amber3614 (14)

The best thing to do is take your Gecko to the Vet. A swollen limb can be caused by Metabolic Bone Disease, which is a very serious problem. The Vet will help you correct this problem so your Gecko doesn't suffer any long term side effects or even death.


Answer by  theturtlepond (44)

You can do nothing for your gecko at home. A qualified vet will diagnose and treat you reptile best. Until then you need to keep you gecko hydrated and fed if it will eat food.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

You should take your lizard to a vet or you should find a reptile expert in your area. They will be able to daignose the problem.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

In any case like this, regardless of the species, the animal should be looked at by a veterinarian with a specialty in reptiles, or at least one that's experienced with them. It's hard to say what the issue could be that's causing the swollen limb. Many different things could have happened that would cause this symptom.

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