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Question by  moteviolence (30)

What should I do for my dog with chigger bites?


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

Two things: Treating welts, and preventing more. Chiggers like tall grass. Prevent your dog from contact with vegetation that could harbor chiggers. Use insect repellant like DEET on your dog's legs. Usually the chigger is gone by the time the welt appears. The welt is dissolved skin; treat like a small wound. See


Answer by  obirek05 (23)

give them a bath and scrubb their skin well. check for infection and apply hydrogen peroxide if necessary. depending on how bad the rash is you may need to give some benadryl to help stop the swelling and to stop the allergic reaction. call your vet if it does not get better


Answer by  Pookie24 (74)

First, wash the dog off with soapy water to get the chiggers off and towel off well. Wash all things the dog has come in contact with. If the dog's skin get irritated, some lotion may help, but all you can really do is wait for the skin to heal.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

First was the bites with soap, warm water, and a wash cloth. You can put calomine lotion on the dog for itching relief.


Answer by  nikkisons (30)

for chigger bites first bath your dog in oatmeal shampoo then use some Hot Spot spray on the sores and call your vet for further instructions.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Those things are nasty poor dog. try bathing them with some cool water and when you have done that give the dog some benadryl and use sulfadine as a topical and use it often to maintain the anti itch and burning try not to let the dog scratch if they scratch one time it sets of an itch cycle.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Applying a topical cream is usually all that is necessary to deal with chigger bites. You can buy a cream over the counter and it usually is effective.


Answer by  Anonymous

^^^That's unnecessary and untrue. These things can happen to our dogs when we take them out to have FUN. That means there are things they could get exposed to. Don't answer if you're going to be mean and unhelpful.


Answer by  lmao (28)

you should take your dog to the veternarian so they can tell you what to do cause i honestly have no idea. You probaly should've taken better care of him!

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