Question by  Missy3530 (20)

What should I do about my dog who is puking?

My lab has been puking, and I can't figure out why. He doesn't act sick.


Answer by  Sara34 (9)

You should take the dog to your veterinarian. Vomiting can lead to severe dehydration, which is one issue that your vet would likely address. Labs are also well known for ingesting foreign objects, so your vet may want to take x-rays to check for this.


Answer by  Kate8888 (55)

Let him run outside and eat some grass. Try to change the food you are giving him. Take him to the vet is the best bet to be sure.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

If this has been going on for more than a day, you need to go to the vet. Period. If it's just a few times, it could be for any number of "innocent reasons". Eating too quickly can case vomiting. Eating too much can cause an upchuck. Sometimes a dog's stomach is just upset.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

If the vet doesnt know why most of the time it is from them grooming themself to much. Some dogs tend to groom themselves like cats and when they puke its more or less a hairball. If it is more or less liquid and they are probably just over grooming themselves.

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