Question by  Ashik20 (17)

What should I do about my cockatiel's bleeding wing?


Answer by  howliecat (73)

Some birds will pull out their feathers which will cause them to bleed. Apply gauze to the wound and monitor the bird. If the bleeding does not stop within a reasonable amount of time the animal should be taken to the vet as the bleeding wing may be an indication of something more serious.


Answer by  kdm2010 (27)

Initially, you should control the bird enough to apply pressure to it. Once pressure has been applied and bleeding has slowed, proceed to take your bird to the vetenarian for full inspection.


Answer by  rwhytock (106)

The wing can be treated with a simple antiseptic cream in order to stop infection and the cause of the injury (such as cage design) should be addressed. If the injury is serious, the bird should be seen by an avian vet.


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Try looking under the wing to determine where the blood is coming from. It could be a blood feather, or something irritating the bird. Best take it to the vet.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Leave it alone. The cockatiel's nautural insticncts will tell it what to do. If it is a serious injury take it to the vet.

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