Question by  woody (65)

What should I do about my angry teenage son?


Answer by  Anonymous

When you speak to him, don't respond in kind. Be mature and quiet. Continue having reasonable rules and boundaries. Allow him to earn some freedom because he is growing up. Be his safety net when he makes stupid decisions. Hang in there. And tell him how you feel.


Answer by  angelguy (30)

you should try to control his anger.maybe you should talk to him in a humble manner explaining the problems that he may be having. Try to be cool while dealing in such situations. If you try to be too harsh, the situation may become bad and may turn worse.


Answer by  Lisa66 (188)

I would first try getting him to talk about what is making him so angry. I'd recommend taking him away somewhere quiet and calm. TALK to him. ASK him what will help his situation. PRESS to find the root of the problem and offer solutions. Seek out a psychologist if needed.


Answer by  Che (425)

You should not "do" anything about your angry teenage son. Teenage sons are supposed to be angry, it's their job. Just let him know you love him, no matter how ornery he is acting.

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