Question by  Mary8286 (16)

What should be done for robins with broken legs?


Answer by  Aubrey (356)

If you encounter a robin with a broken leg, the best thing to do is contact your local wildlife rehabilitation center. They will be able to care for the bird properly and release it back into the wild once it has been treated and healed. The center will know exactly what the bird needs.


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Take it to a local wildlife rehab or a vet. You could try helping it yourself, but I don't recommend it. If you do, try making splints for the robin using matchsticks or something similar.


Answer by  will79 (98)

Try to re-set his leg and make a cast for him and then apply plaster-o-paris. Try to mash small insects and feed him.


Answer by  worker5690 (40)

There is nothing that can be done. Once a bird breaks a leg, they cannot learn how to hop again. Should take it to your local wildlife rehab center and have it put to sleep.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

There is nothing you can do but take the birds to the local nature center ASAP and have then humanely euthanized.

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