Question by  czarxtian (13)

What scripture in the Bible talks about man's law?


Answer by  polwilder (48)

The Bible is replete with admonisions against placing Man's law in a suplanting position to divine law. All attemps of men to legislate are deemed inferior to God's.


Answer by  anilaesther (47)

Scripture according to Deuteronomy says the laws to man,there are 10 laws given to each man to follow,the one who follows these laws will prosper in his life. These laws were given by God to Moses.


Answer by  worker6926 (26)

in the scripture of Romans speak out the man's law. The man had bonded by the law. Christ is the termination of law. in chapter 7 ,8 unveiled about law.


Answer by  mying (54)

man's law in Bible can be in the book Romans. If we go trough the book of Romans from chapter 2 to 7 you will find how God wants man to live and worship and his duty towards world and his family is clearly written. Why to forgive?. How to live a married live!

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