Question by  clarinetist (13)

What price should I expect to pay for a Husky cement mixer?

I am talking about a new one.


Answer by  betbird (83)

Well that all depends on how large of a cement mixer you buy. A 5 cubic feet mixer can range from 300 to 400 dollars, but a mixer with a 50 pound limit with run for about 200 dollars. The price will differ from company to company and size of mixing area.


Answer by  PURUSHOTTAM (41)

It depends on the volumetric capacity of the mixture which is denotes as CM. For 400CM mixer you have to pay $2,200-$3,000 and for 600CM you have to pay around $5000.


Answer by  ShadowS (19)

I am a little unsure as far as the Husky mixer goes. I have used a number of other mixers though and the average price depending on size is $175.


Answer by  mortarman (5)

In my experience, one should expect to pay somewhere between $120(Online purchase)-$250 (retail store)depending on the model of the Husky cement mixer, and where it is purchased from.

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