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Question by  lillybaby (103)

What kind of behavior problems does the 1 2 3 magic Video solve?

My problem is children who talk back.


Answer by  seshadritk (5)

When children are tired of their school studies after attending their classes, when they reach home, the parents should not argue with children even if they talk back.


Answer by  Br33zeY (19)

I believe the 1 2 3 magic video software is set out to help children who talk back. It offers suggestions as to how to resolve that issue.


Answer by  kbbaybee16 (350)

for children who talk back i wouldnt use a video. a thing ive found that works is put them in a corner on their knees facing the wall. not talking to anyone or looking at anything for like 10-15 minutes. repeat as necessary. it has always worked for me.

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