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What is TI's real name?


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

T.I. was actually born with the name Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. His childhood nickname was "Tip" (after his great-grandfather). When he began rapping, he started going by T.I.P. However, after he got signed by Arista records he was asked to change his alias to T.I. because the label already represented the similarly-named Q-Tip.


Answer by  bennyluke (9)

Clifford Joseph Harris. Also known as tip or rubberband man. He no longer goes by the name TI. After releasing his latest cd "ti vs tip" he goes by the name TIP. According to the cd there is a fight between two persoanlities (ti and tip) and tip is now his stage name.


Answer by  thefuturewifey (6)

T. I. was actually named Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. When he was little, his nick anme was "TIP". After his great-grandfather.

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T. I's rea name is Clifford Joseph Harris J. r. his naick name was Tip named after his great-grandfather in his childhood days. when he got signed by Arista records they asked him to changed his name to T. I because T. I. P was to similar to Q-tip


Answer by  Rai (51)

The rapper T.I. was born as Clifford Joseph Harris (Jr.), but chose to use the stage name of T.I. during his rap career, a shortened version of the nickname "T.I.P." given to him by his grandpa when he was younger. He uses "T.I.P." to refer to his alter-ego in songs and on albums.


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his name is clifford joseph harris jr. but his stage name is ti


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

T. I's birth name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. However T. I. is not his only name stage name. He is also known as The King of the south, Rubber Band Man, and T. I. P. his alter ego. He was born on September 25, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.


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Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.


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clifford joeshp jr.


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To Inconsiterate

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T.I. real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. when he was lil now its tip after his great-grandfather.

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