Question by  MissAmiShannon (7)

I want to buy a new scientific calculator, but which model?

Graphical if possible, and if it does exact values this is a real bonus.


Answer by  canenguez (123)

Buy a Texas instrument TI-85, that will help you through pre algebra in high school to calculus in college, it graphs from an equation, you can reprogram the key in each class you need, solves equations, graphs parametric and polar equations also for statistical analysis and it has a price of $89. 25

Reply by MissAmiShannon (7):
this is all very nice thankyou. BUT i have issues with these texas instruments! haha mainly - theyre ugly and 2ndly i dont understand dollars. well i think $90 is ┬ú40 which im not prepared to spend. does this site just endorse Texas instruments or something!? =s  add a comment

Answer by  Dave22 (98)

Scientific calculators are NOT graphing calculators. For graphing: buy a TI-89T For scientific: Buy a TI-30x2s or a TI-30x2b (s is solar and battery, b is battery only)


Answer by  BL89 (13)

Buy this model:Texas Instruments® TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. It is graphical and it supports programming. Many middle schools and high schools recommend it.


Answer by  yeswanth (235)

Buy Citizen model 945 MS type which is new to market with many specialties and which will give highly accurate values for your calculations. This includes all the angle descriptions also.


Answer by  psicicle (18)

I recommend the TI-83 or TI-89. If you are below calculus, then the TI-83 would be more appropriate but otherwise the 89 has more features


Answer by  MissAmiShannon (7)

haha sorry dave22, i dont want the calculator to be soley for graphing... i just like the size of those ones, and the memory and different functions etc. where are these models available? cos tbf i dont really want to be importing from other countries, i like in the UK.

Reply by MissAmiShannon (7):
*live sorry :$ I obvs got a little carried away =S  add a comment
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