Question by  Majique (26)

What is the value of a Spanish doubloon?


Answer by  choctaw (361)

They are generally valuble because they have been outlawed since 1860. However it depends on the age and condition of the coin and the current market value.


Answer by  aks61 (21)

A Spanish doubloon in excellent condition with great eye appeal is a rarity in numismatics. They have been sold for well over $3,000. Value depends on conditon and rarity.


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

According to Northwest Territorial Mint, a doubloon is 7 grams (approximately 1/4 ounce) of gold. At 900/ounce, that is $225. melt value. A collector would pay more.

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Today's gold price is about $1750/ounce. So: 2x$225 = $450 melted. Ditto re: collectors.  add a comment

Answer by  raquel (25)

The doubloon was a two escudo or 32 reales coin minted in Spain up to the middle of the 19th century.

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