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Question by  wingdog987 (154)

What is the points gap set at on a 1972 Ford 390 engine in an f250 pickup?


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

Your gap setting is going to be around .06 and that is depending on the litres of the motor. The best thing to do is to ask the place you buy your sparkplugs and they can tell you what the correct gap setting is.


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

That's an impossible question to answer. You have to check the gaps yourself, your application seems to be a swap, which often times means racing spark plugs, in which are gapped differently to normal plugs.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The stock points gap should be set at about. 017. This should be around where you should be but check a rebuild manual for more exact specifications.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

The point gap is set at 017. Set of tools you'll need car manual that includes schematic inside, a set of sockets and basic tool items. Check rebuild manual for more specific procedures to make sure everything is set up right. If help is needed consult a local mechanic to do work.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

stock point gap needs to be set at 017. To be sure check rebuild manual to make sure all procedures are all final.


Answer by  senthil34 (169)

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