Question by  AbsolutelyWoman (35)

What is the personality of a toy Pomeranian?


Answer by  cb31 (226)

Toy Pomeranians are a typical toy breed. They do well with moderate exercise and apartment life. They do tend to bark quite a bit, especially at strangers and doorbells. They are not necessarily known for interacting well with children; however, if they are raised with children will learn to get along. They tend to be a one person dog.


Answer by  Skippy97 (28)

Pomeranians are loyal dogs. They are active but being small they can get enough excersise around the house or on a short walk. They like to be pampered and catered to so can be stubborn at times.


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

From personal experience, toy poms are joyful, loyal, protective, and very loving pets. They are also very intelligent and love going places with you. My dog taught herself how to play fetch and learned the names of 5 toys already without me teaching her! Also, they WILL BARK but only because they want to alert you, so be glad!


Answer by  rogera (788)

Toy pomeranians are a cocky little dog,they like to be in command,they are inquisitive,vivacious,spirited,bold,brash and keenly alert to strangers. They are sharp eyed little busybodies and have no fear of going after another dog bigger than them.They are lovable pets.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

My friend had one and it just loved to be held all the time. I'm sure all of them have different personalities, but mostly they just like attention.


Answer by  usagkthompson (273)

The Pomeranian is a highly alert and active little dog. He thinks he is the size of a doberman and reacts as such with strangers. On the other hand he is also very sweet and loving and makes a very good lap dog. They love to play and have tons of energy.

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