Question by  gordon (304)

What is the personality of a miniature boxer dog?


Answer by  Kaleidoscopic (12)

There is no such thing a "miniature boxer dog." Boxers only come in one size. To learn more about dog breeds I recommend looking at the AKC or CKC websites.


Answer by  bigdad (7)

A pugnacious pugilist, the miniature boxer oozes energy. The miniature boxer needs attention, and loves to have company, especially that of children. Like its cousin, the miniature boxer is alert, enthusiastic and loyal. This breed loves human companionship, making it a popular choice for families with young children. The breed is also sometimes used as a seeing eye dog.


Answer by  usagkthompson (273)

The Boxer is a very smart and playful breed. They are very good with children and are very loyal to their human family, but they do not trust strangers which makes them a good watch dog. They have a tendency to be somewhat bullheaded so proper training at an early age is a necessity.


Answer by  cb31 (226)

Miniature boxers are know for a good temperament. They are loyal and fun and generally a good family dog. They typically interact well with children and can live comfortably in small homes or apartments.


Answer by  iproxii (34)

Miniature boxers are incredibly friendly and love attention. They aren't incredibly yippy dogs, and they tend to really bond with a good owner.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Mini boxers sometimes have a dual personality, they are loving, smart, tenacious and fearless.These dogs have unlimited energy and are excellent hunters.

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