Question by  sbeers1 (15)

What is the nesting process for Cockatiels?


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

After mating, eggs are laid within 10 days. The eggs arrive one every 48 hours; usually there are 2-8. The eggs will not incubate until the birds nest on them and sometimes they wait for several to appear before nesting. After nesting begins, the eggs will hatch between 18-21 days. The father will usually help with the process.


Answer by  HannahTheWitch (45)

The male and female usually gather material and start formng a nest-like structure.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

10 days after mating, eggs will be laid. There could be around 2-8 eggs. The eggs hatch between 18-21 days of nesting. They don't start nesting as soon as the eggs are laid.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

Breeding pair of Cockatiels should have their own nest box with 1 pair of birds per cage.The nest box should have a several line of layers made of soft white paper towels to absorb moistures and to prevent chicks to have a splayed legs.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

They do better if you give them a closed nesting box thye like to go in an have quiet and they will sit and hatch they are really easy.


Answer by  KLR (606)

Cockatiels nest in dark cavities, tree holes in nature, or nest boxes in captivity. A nest is made from available materials including branches, paper, leaves, etc. Usually 3 to 6 eggs are laid. After nesting begins, the eggs hatch between 18 and 21 days. Both parents sit on the eggs until they hatch and both feed the chicks.


Answer by  qamar (73)

It is advisable to put more than two birds in pairs in a big cage because cockatiels very choosy for mating and reproduction.

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