Question by  Brandon84 (37)

What is the minimum height for base jumping?


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

The minimum height is whatever it takes to get your chute to open without killing yourself. It is generally recognized that it takes 2. 5 seconds for a parachute to fully deploy after a jump is started, with this in mind and the speed at which you are falling a minimum of 300 ft. would be the lowest.


Answer by  haggiss (90)

Most experts agree that the minimum is 500 feet. Some say 2350 is possible, but that leaves no time for free fall, which is the best port of a jump, to many. As far as safety, a jump from less than 500 feet requires specialized equipment, and leaves no room for error.


Answer by  ff (5)

Half the fun of base jumping is in the freefall, so most base jumping takes place at 500-1,000 feet, which give you a few seconds of freefall and ashort canopy ride to the ground.


Answer by  michaelbowers (57)

when it come to base jumping safety should be the number one concern. the height minimum is a distance where your parachute will open safely.

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