Question by  shelley (70)

What is the gestation period for a hedgehog?


Answer by  hsttraolcom (17)

Hedgehog gestation is 35 days. Female hedgehogs can have many litters a year, however more litters are born in the summertime. Having the litter at this time ensures more food and better survival rate for the baby hedgehogs. Litters range in size from about one to ten babies, but more often there are four to five per litter.


Answer by  Dontbugme (697)

The gestation period of a hedgehog is around four weeks to as long as 35 days, depending on which source you consult. The hedgehog typically mates between Spring and Fall and may have two litters during this time, giving birth to at least three and as many as seven babies in each litter.


Answer by  mnmas (238)

I have read that the gestation period for hedgehogs is about four and a half weeks. The hedgehogs breeding season typically lasts between April and September. Generally only three to four young are produced in a litter. They are also born with ears and eyes closed. They leave their next usually between four and five weeks old.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

The gestational period for a pregnant hedgehog almost four weeks. She will have between three and seven hoglets per litter, and she can have up to two litters a year between May and September. After a month of suckling the hoglets are abandoned to forage and survive on their own.


Answer by  Anonymous

The gestation period of a hedgehog is around 4 weeks or as long as 35 days. Hedgehog usually mates between spring or fall (April - September). Hoglets are born blind. A femalehedgehog will have 3 to 7 hoglets, although more or less may occur depending on the size of thehedgie.

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is it possiple to leave the female hedgehog in the last days of her pregnancy?  add a comment
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