Question by  Rimi (27)

What is the formula for determining the square root?


Answer by  hashbrown64 (221)

The square root of a x is the number that, if multiplied by itself, will produce x. The easiest way to determine a square root is simply to use a calculator to do the computation for you. For numbers below 200, however, some square roots are commonly known. For example, the square root of 25 is 5.


Answer by  chrischris (25)

You have to use a calculator to get an exact square root. You can approximate a square root by removing perfect square factors from a number and square rooting them.


Answer by  Diddum (348)

There is not a closed formula (using only +, -, /, and x) for the square root. There is a an iterative formula that can approximate the root.


Answer by  ProfStochastic (70)

There is per se no formula for finding the square root of a number, however there are a number of techniques to approximate the square root (Bisecting intervals, Babylonian method, and rough estimation). I would suggest the use of a calculator or slide rule to calculate the square root.


Answer by  squirrel1434 (63)

The square root is a function, not a formula. Other than using a calculator, there is no easy way to find the square root of a number -all manual methods involve multiplying two numbers together until you get a result which is close to the number which you are taking the square root of.


Answer by  Lauren99 (47)

(1+x)^p= 1 + px + p(p-1)(x^2)/2 + p(p-1)(p-2)(x^3)/(3! ) + p(p-1)(p-2)(p-3)(x^4)/(4! ) + p(p-1)(p-2)(p-3)(p-4)(x^5)/(5! ) +...... (p)(p-1)... (P-n+1)(x^n)/(n! ) to take the square root of a number, set x = the number-1 and P= 1/2

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