Question by  GaryVentimiglia (21)

What is the difference between volts and amps?


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

Volt is a measure of Voltage - or the potential difference between two points (for ex - AA batteries are 1. 5 Volts, and the Lead-Acid battery in cars is usually 12 Volts). Amps (or Amperes) is a measure of current. Current is related to voltage by Ohm's law that says Current = Resistance x voltage


Answer by  Devendra (11)

Volt is the value of voltage when a current of one ampere provides a power of one watt in the conductor. Volt is the measurement of voltage Amps is the rate of flow of current in the conductor. Amps is the measurement of current Volt is inversely proportional to ampere.


Answer by  greggula (112)

Amps or ampers is the name used for the unit of measure which describes electrical current, ie the number of electrons flowing through a conductor. Volt is the name for the unit of measusure used to describe the electical potential or charge.


Answer by  mpvvrkumar (2)

The magnitude of the fundamental quantities is expressed in units. units are the names or labels for the physical quantities. The voltage and current are fundamental quantities which require special names or labels. The difference is,As per the International Standards of Units,volts are units for voltage and amps for Electric current.

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