Question by  cleeze (30)

What is the chemical formula of acetone?


Answer by  11 (21)

The chemical formula for acetone is (CH3)2CO. That is a carbon atom that has two single bonds to methyl groups (CH3) and a double bond to oxygen.


Answer by  reliable80 (125)

Acetone has a chemical formula of (CH3)2CO. This solvent is the simplest of the ketone family, and has many household and industrial uses. Most people are familiar with acetone as the active ingredient in nail polish remover.


Answer by  supinps (65)

The chemical formula of acetone is (CH3)2CO It is an organic compound come under the family of ketones It is formed in cumine processC6H5CH(CH3)2 + O2 → C6H5OH + (CH3)2CO


Answer by  TheKoopaBros (79)

The chemical formula of the compound called Acetone is as follows: CH3COCH3 which is its form written in its organic chemistry form. Its molecular formula is written as follows: C3H6O.


Answer by  ScottHorn (232)

The chemical formula for acetone is (CH3)2CO. This represents three carbon, six hydrogen, and one oxygen atom. It can also be written as C3H3O (with the numbers in subscript).


Answer by  swaminathsri (5)

The chemical formula of Acetone is (CH3)2CO2. It may also be written as CH3-CO-CH3. It has an IUPAC name of propanone


Answer by  anrimala36 (208)

CH[subscript 3]COCH[subscript 3], or (CH[subscript 3])[subscript 2]CO. It has a carbon atom in the center double-bonded to an oxygen atom with two methyl groups attached to the central carbon.


Answer by  Rital (54)

Acetone is C3H6O or CH3-CO-CH3. It is many used in organic chemistry because it is a very good solvant (it is polar). But, it is also an harmful carcinogen and flammable product.

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