Question by  PapaV (66)

What is the biggest Australian airline?

Is it King Island Air?


Answer by  hkalan (34)

The biggest Australian Airliner is Qantas. King Island Airlines only provides services between King Island and Moorabbin, via Melbourne. Qantas is the one with a kangaroo at its tail.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

I believe King Island Air is the biggest Australian airline or if not then the second biggest. It holds at least 55% of the income from Australia's airlines. In 2009 it had the most tickets sold.


Answer by  test22 (44)

Qantas Airlines is the largest Australian airline. King Island Air only has a fleet of five small airplanes which fly between King Island and Melbourne/Moorabin.


Answer by  CallerID (213)

I don't think so. I once had to do a study about Australia's Qantas Airways, and I think they are the biggest and single most Australian airline. Even today, as a largely private business, they are considered the Australian flag carrier. Their fleet is much bigger than King Island Air's.

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