Question by  Mathmeteachin (192)

What is the best method for defrosting frozen bananas?

I froze a lot of bananas and now I am afraid they will turn dark.


Answer by  flooringal (219)

Take a frozen banana and cut it into small slices. It will defrost quickly. Can't wait? Place in the microwave for a fast 15 seconds on medium temperature.


Answer by  Teenmom (298)

They will definitely turn dark, and you will not be able to eat them as a hand fruit. Leave them on the counter, and they will defrost in under an hour. Once they are defrosted they are great to bake into muffins or banana bread.


Answer by  Shar (54)

I often freeze my bananas for use in baking later. The skin itself turns dark but the fruit inside is just fine and has great flavor. I would suggest leaving the frozen banana's at room temperature for about an hour to defrost them or use a microwave for about 30 seconds for each banana.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

Only defrost on the counter for a few minutes just what you are going to eat immediately or use in a batter like banana bread.


Answer by  yaomingjr32 (120)

well the best way is to just let it melt but then if you want to eat it right away then you could use the microwave and then heat it and you will have some warm bananas, so you will haveto wait a while before you could eat it then.

posted by Anonymous
my best guess is to actually keep the bananas close to your body under your shirt (i.e. - under your arm pits or in the small of your back) to let your body heat warm them up. It's a little cold at first but works like a charm. Natural too  add a comment
Reply by Farmgirl (0):
They do darken&get watery, but use all the liquid, cuz its natural sugar. Wait till they melt, snip off end of peel & squeeze out like toothpaste. Easiest way&I tried them all.  add a comment
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