Question by  Sean59 (63)

What is the best food for a newt?


Answer by  jossf3d (258)

Newts don't chew their food so item must fed must not be too big to swallow whole. They can eat a whole range of insects like flies and grasshoppers that you can catch or grow yourself. Mealworms would be welcomed. Keep up the variety, newts don't like a steady diet of any one thing.


Answer by  Richard65 (37)

Newts, just like the rest of the amphibians similar to them, tend to eat a diet high in insects. Thus it is recommended that you feed a newt assorted types of insects, such as crickets.


Answer by  jeffro6770 (70)

Newt's love live food, Feeder fish, Night crawlers, Crickets, Meal worms, Etc. Some captive Newt's can be taught to eat pellet type food.

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