Question by  amandathehunter (24)

What is the albedo effect?


Answer by  sarah0045 (186)

The albedo effect is the measure of how much of the sun's light energy is reflected back into space after contact with various objects. For examaple; snow has a high albedo value, while a dark coloured piece of clothing has a very low albedo value. Shiny objects tend to have a higher value than dull objects


Answer by  MegB (6)

Albedo is the amount of sunlight reflected off the Earth's surface. A lower albedo means less of the sun's radiation is reflected and more is absorbed, and vice versa. The global temperature is affected by the amount of sunlight that is being reflected back into space or absorbed by the planet, which is the albedo effect.


Answer by  vtfishman (72)

The albedo effect refers to an objects light reflectivity measure, which is expressed in a unit called an albedo. The albedo effect is related to global warming, as it describes the manner in which energy from sunlight enters the earth's atmosphere, but some of that energy is reflected back out after it strikes reflective objects.


Answer by  pavankumartalla (12)

Albedo is defined as object reflectivity in space by the astronomers where the reflection includes the electromagnetic radiation.Each and every object is albedo specific in nature.Snow-temperature is one an example for albedo effect where, if the area covered with melted snow, then the temperature coefficient will increase and vice versa.

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