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Question by  AliciaR (30)

What is the after drop phenomenon?

I know it relates to hypothermia in some way.


Answer by  patrickargel (24)

After drop phenomenon occurs in a person experiencing hypothermia. When the blood vessels in the extremities narrow down. Blood flow is directed to the more important organs of your body such as the heart, kidneys, etc. , and once you heat the person, the blood vessels open up and the cold blood goes back to the core = drop in tempreture.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

This occurs in hypothermia. The blood vessels get cold and the blood is diverted to more important organs. The body is trying to warm its self up in this situation.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

When you are very cold, experiencing hypothermia, the peripheral blood vessels in your arms and legs constricts. This happens in order to aide the body in preventing heat loss to the core. Once the body heats up again, the core body temperature decreases and this is when the "after drop" occurs.


Answer by  bullet02 (172)

After drop occurs during hypothermia. This means the cold blood travels the system so the core temperature of the body drops.

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