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Question by  varex (330)

What is "subcision"?

I think it's a medical process.


Answer by  SharlaBrown (221)

Subcision is a process used to treat deep scars from skin diseases such as acne. If a scar appears as a dent or gouge in the flesh, that's when subcision is necessary. The process pulls up the skin and allows blood to pool underneath, evening out the surface of the flesh. Afterwards, other scar removal techniques can remove the mark.


Answer by  bujji (133)

Subcision is a minor surgical process performed on the skin to treat the scars left by acne and other skin disorders. A cut is made below the scar to increase the blood flow to that part.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

Subcision is one of the procedures that is used to improve depressed acne or traumatic scars. The procedure is simple and considered to be effective.


Answer by  sharpe72 (214)

Subcision is a surgery to reduce acne scars. The area is frozen, then the Doctor uses a needle or surgical scissors to separate the dermis and the fat layers of the skin. This is to loosen the binds of the scar.

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