Question by  Briar43 (10)

What is negation in math?


Answer by  incantator (81)

Negation is taking a number and finding a different number that is the same distance from zero on the number line. Multiplying by -1 or subtracting from zero do this.


Answer by  VB (361)

A negation in math is where you take a statement and make it say the complete opposite of the original. Examples: 1) The ball is red. Negation: The ball is NOT red. 2) The ball was either blue or green. Negation: The bath is not blue and not green.


Answer by  Maiasaura (27)

Negation means the opposite. In symbolic logic, the negation of a statement is one that means exactly the opposite. For a statement p, the negation is the statement ~p. An example: p: I am a bride. ~p: I am not a bride.


Answer by  willard (874)

In mathematics, negation is the logical operation that takes a statement and changes is it to a statement whose true or false value is opposite that of the original statement. So, if the statement is two plus three equals five, the negation is two plus three is not equal to five.

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