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Question by  aj32 (16)

What is mongoose kung fu?


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

Mongoose kung fu is a marital arts form of fighting that is representative of the animal is it name after. This style of fighting relies on positioning rather than strength (as in the tiger style). Mongoose kung fu employs counterattacks, posting to gain leverage against the enemy. This style of fighting is great for persons of small


Answer by  kate545 (13)

The mongoose is a very quick animal. When fighting it baits its opponent into attacking where it was, not where it is. Mongoose kung fu functions in much the same way. An adherent to mongoose kung fu will use evade the opponents blows by hovering just outside their reach, and then when the moment is right, counter attack.


Answer by  D1me (9)

Mongoose kung fu is a style of kung fu used by mongooses. It originated from the far east of Kamchatka where mongooses actualy originate. The main difference in this style is that it's only used by mongoose royality.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Mongoose kung fu refers to the mongoose fighting style. Primarily a fighting style for smaller individuals, it teaches how to be smarter and faster than opponents do.


Answer by  sruth (27)

A way of fighting that uses counter attacks. This teaches people of smaller stature to use their body size as an advantage.


Answer by  Chuckles (13)

Named after the way the mongoose attacks and defends itself. It is a martial art that allows people small in stature to use their body size as an advantage. Size and strength are unnecessary when fighting in the way of the mongoose.

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