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Question by  Scotti (61)

What is cognitive behavior modification?

Does CBM work?


Answer by  Chris09 (14)

The word "cognitive", simply stated, means "thinking". Therefore, modification is done within a subjects thinking process. Modifying, or changing, the behavior of a persons thinking is the core of CGM. The process works by interuptting a person while having disruptive thoughts or thought patterns and plugging in a healthier response. This can best be accomplished in therapy and with practice.


Answer by  Pamelabud (42)

It is a way of changing your thinking from negative to positive thoughts, so that you can accomplish the task you need to do. The use of affirmations and positive thinking will definately be of great benefit.


Answer by  georgiachic0303 (10)

Founded by Donald Meichenbaum, cognitive behavior modification is a unique therapy technique focused on self-talk and changing an individuals thoughts in order to change one's behavior.


Answer by  kursteena (36)

CBM is basically "Retraining" your brain, and changing your way of thinking. Whether or not it works depends greatly on the patient. Some people want to change, while others do not. Will CBM work on someone who isn't willing? Yes, it will just take a little longer.


Answer by  skathman81 (21)

Cognitive Behavior Modification involves changing one's thinking in order to change behavioral problems. CBM can be an effective therapy technique.

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