Question by  mltodd (35)

What is caster sugar?

I have a recipe that calls for it but I never heard of it.


Answer by  rgpk (20)

Caster sugar, also spelled 'castor', refers to sugar where the size of the grains is very small, but not as fine as powdered or confectioner's sugar. Because of it's small grain size, it dissolves very quickly. In the United States it is usually called 'superfine' sugar.


Answer by  Alisa23 (82)

Caster sugar is the name of a very fine sugar in Britain. Basically it's just that the grains are small enough to fit through a sugar caster or sprinkler. In the U.S., it is sold as 'superfine' sugar. Look for superfine sugar on the store shelves.


Answer by  zidace (20)

Caster sugar is sugar with smaller granules that will dissolve quicker. They call it this because the sugar is so small it can go through a sifter, or caster. If you don't have it, you can always grind down some regular sugar. If you grind it though, it shouldn't be as fine as powdered sugar.


Answer by  Cookinginbc (383)

Caster sugar is what they call superfine sugar in Britian. If you do not have any superfine sugar at home you can make your own by ginding some regular granulated sugar in a food processor for a few minutes. Warning, let everything settle for a couple minutes before opening up the food processor as this will produce sugar dust.

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