Question by  sean (141)

What is baloney made out of?


Answer by  jennyanydots (294)

Baloney is made out of scraps of meat, beef, pork, even chicken or turkey. There is water, sugar and salt, seasonings and spices, such as mustard, vinegar, onion, garlic and pepper. There may be dry fillers like non fat dry milk or cereals added to bind the meats as they are finely ground together.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

Bologna is a sausage that has been cured and cooked. It is usually made of beef or pork (and sometimes a has both meats). The meat in bologna is usually the meat left over after all of the prime pieces have been taken out. Bologna usually has a lot of seasonings and salts added.


Answer by  holakisty (25)

Baloney is a sandwich meat that is made out of cured pork, cured beef or both, including parts of the cow or pig such as end pieces, organs and trimmings.


Answer by  Tim55 (618)

Baloney is comprised of many meats. Mostly the same meats used in hot dogs. These meats can inclue, pork, beef and chicken.


Answer by  tysonjc1 (204)

Bologna is made very similarly to hot dogs. Someone once told me that bologna was made of all the parts of the pig that wouldn't go anywhere else (basically that it is the remnants of the pig)


Answer by  Anonymous

Balogna is made of parts of the animals such as the tongue


Answer by  Anonymous

its mostly made of lips and assholes


Answer by  Anonymous

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