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Question by  azcuminer (74)

What is aquarium slate?

I was told to use aquarium slate/


Answer by  bouldy (38)

Aquarium slate is slate rock that is safe to put in an aquarium. You can buy it crushed up or buy a larger piece and crush it yourself.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

You are probably building an African or South American chichlid tank. In these cases slate rock helps mimic the natural environment as well as regulate alkalinity, which these waters have a high amount of. Use natural slate from the fish store as well as alkalinity boosters. Test your pH often as you want it to be around 8. 2.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It is just regular slate but make sure you scrub it really good before putting it into the tank with your fish.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Aquarium slate is a certain kind of rock that is put on the bottom of a fish tank to keep the water cleaner. Any aquarium gravel will do.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

Aquarium slate is a special rock used as aquarium decor because it will not alter the chemical makeup or other water conditions. It is also used in aquariums meant to hold reptiles because it holds heat that they need to survive.


Answer by  fish89 (46)

Aquarium slate is very useful if you are attempting to breed your fish. It provides a nice, flat surface for the eggs to attach to. It also is a very attractive tank decoration that makes interesting hiding places for the fish.

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