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Question by  sampath (14)

What is a vaginal odor like rotting flesh?


Answer by  worker2390 (32)

A vaginal odor like rotting flesh can be caused by Tricomonas vaginitis, Monilial vaginitis , Bacterial vaginitis , and Cervicitis.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Any vaginal odor should be checked out by your doctor, for the most part it sounds like it could very well be a yeast infection. Make sure you get this checked by a doctor to rule out any possible infections.


Answer by  guyver3869 (449)

This is usually caused by a very bad infection or disease. You will want to get this checked out by a certified physician as soon as possible. If gone untreated, severe effects can take place to include infertility and death. Do not be alarmed, most infections and diseases can now be treated discreetly and safely. Seek medical attention immediately.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You probably have some kind of vaginal infection such as a yeast infection. You should go to your doctor and get on medication.

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