Question by  carol (1241)

What is a good substitute for tapioca in a recipe?


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

For thickening purposes, you can substitute cornstarch, powdered arrowroot, flour, and in some cases even dried potato flakes depending on what you're making. Don't use arrowroot powder if it's a dairy-based sauce (it gets slimy) but it's the best choice for subtly-flavored dishes. Tapioca tends to thicken quicker than the other options so have patience with the subs.


Answer by  tnfox (23)

good things to use as substitute in a recipe when used as a thickner is clear gel, rice starch, or flour (use one and one half to two times the amount. tho the finised product will change in color and will not be clear depending on what you use as a substitute. some item will separate most will if frozen.

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