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Question by  SiddharthKadu (14)

What if my monthly cycle stops and then starts again?


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Assuming you're not pregnant (people can mistake pregnancy related bleeding for a period), there are lots of things that can cause a missed period. Some women just have irregular cycles. Also, stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep can affect your cycle, as can being overweight or underweight.


Answer by  John (9008)

It is not at all unusual for women to have irregular cycles, especially as they get older. It can be affected by hormonal changes, stress, or even diet. Usually, it is nothing to worry about, but your gynecologist can tell you for sure.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Women will experience changes and fluctuations in their menstural cycle as they age. This is often caused by a change in hormones and changes in the amount of stress in your life. If it continues for more than one cycle you should consult with your doctor to rule out any possible problems.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

Abnormal Periods for many women is very common. If this is a common thing that happens a lot, then I recommend seeing your health care provider to schedule an appointment. If this is a one time thing its nothing to worry about.

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