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Question by  Bambi (18)

What happens when you get poor nutrition?

How does it affect your body?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Constant poor nutrition will make you vulnerable to all types of illnesses and diseases. Your body will be starved for the essential vitamins it needs to remain healthy and it will catch up to you.


Answer by  Tranwreck (279)

Poor nutrition can adversely affect your body differently, depending on exactly what is deficient in your diet. Insufficient calories will cause fatigue as well as loss of muscle mass.


Answer by  kk43 (150)

Poor nutrition is really bad because your body doesn't get all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc, that it needs. If you don't get these nutriets, you could become sick, lose or gain weight, or feel lethargic.


Answer by  slatt000 (31)

Your body starts to break down your muscles and your fat percentage increases. This makes you feel very tired and weak, and it can make you feel ill.

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