Question by  worker2282 (29)

What happens to a car when a piston goes bad?

I was told my pistons are going bad.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

What this probably means is that due to poor maintenance, not changing the engine oil often enough, the piston cylinder walls and piston rings have eroded prematurely. The main sympton will be burning oil, which will give you a bluish smoke coming from the tail pipe


Answer by  Elango (41)

Once your car piston goes bab, you can here some noice from your Engine & your engine will consume too much oil too. Notice the heavy smoke from your Car.


Answer by  Naimad (98)

The car will consume high amounts of gasoline and will give out a very bad smell, plus will loose a lot of power. The engine can be severe damaged.


Answer by  ScooterMike (145)

This should be the piston rings rather than the pistons themselves, when the rings start going, you will experience loss of power and compression in the cylinders. It's important to have this repaired, as much more damage can be caused if left unchecked. To the point of a seized engine.

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