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Question by  Fynndango (76)

What happens if you sell alcohol to a minor?


Answer by  wrusche (176)

In most if not all states you could be charged with a crime. You may also face civil liability if that minor gets into an accident.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You can be fined and imprisoned if it habitual. You may also lose your liquor license and your place can be shut down by the city. That is why you have to be sure you are selling to a legal person so check all id carefully to avoid any forgeries.


Answer by  grafcohen (6)

Well, liquor laws are enforced by the states. If you are caught selling liquor to a minor (an undercover minor), then you will receive a citation, if it is your first offense. And it won't win you friends on the liquor licensing board.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Selling alcohol to a minor is a crime. The laws and penalties vary from one jurisdiction to another. The laws include giving alcohol to a minor, selling to a minor with a fake i. d. and purchasing on behalf of a minor.


Answer by  xsut (943)

The fines vary depending on the state. Generally, selling alcohol to a minor could lead to hefty fines, a legal consequence on your record, and possibly jail time.


Answer by  leann89 (169)

In the United States it is illegal and you could be put in jail for this type of offense. You could lose your liquor license.


Answer by  palaeologus (564)

Every state's laws are different, but here's some common consequences: 1. Fines, or imprisonment, or both. 2. Civil monetary forfeitures. 3. Civil damages liability, especially if the minor is hurt while intoxicated. 4. Seller's employer is fined or loses alcohol-sales authority if the seller was on the job. 5. Collateral loss of access to jobs involving working with youth.


Answer by  Anonymous

You could just feel the person from the inside and if its too tight you might want to check ID.

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