Question by  Dana46 (2345)

What eye medications are available for goats?


Answer by  grace0210 (31)

There can be at least three ways to treat eye problems of goats. One is by the use of injections called Tylosin for mycoplasmal infection and oxytetracycline or penicillin for chlamydial infection. The second one is the use of ointments like terramycin. And last one is the eye drops, which can be oxytetracycline or penicillin.


Answer by  case (1261)

I would check with veterinarian before I use anything, but if you a disparate you can use human eye medicine. It would depend on the symptoms your goat has to what eye medicine is needed.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

There are a variety of medication in the market but the majority need a prescription from a vet in order to be purchased.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

There are a variety of eye medications available for many animals including the goat. This also depends on the problem your goat is experiencing. The solution could be eye drops essental to what humans use or it could be something to wet the eye to make them water as goats experience dry eye just like humans.

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