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Question by  Carol37 (569)

What exactly is a religious psychosis?

I have a friend who says he suffers from this but I had never heard of it.


Answer by  Anonymous

If he told you that he suffers from it, he probably doesn't. Psychosis literally is a 'break from reality', meaning that if he suffered from it, he would not be aware of it. He would think he really was hearing God, angels, etc.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Religious psychosis is where a person truly believes that he or she has been given special gifts or messages from God. Sometimes these people can become violent, however the majority of these people are less likely to hurt anyone. Most people who have this type of delusion are very intelligent and can be rehabilitated.


Answer by  henrietta (67)

A religious psychosis is a break from reality that involves a religious belief. For example, a person may believe he or she is Jesus Christ. The key aspect is that the break with reality relates to religion but in a way that most religious practitioners would find bizarre and unbelievable.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

A religious psychosis can refer to a hallucination that one hears God, angels, the devil, or other spiritual creatures that they do not believe exist.


Answer by  01628773 (140)

It is a form of psychosis revolving around a religious theme. Often people suffering from it have delusions of forming an intimate and personal relationship with a deity or of being one themselves. It usually manifests after a visit to a religious site. In fact, an example would be Jerusalem syndrome, in which people who visit develop delusions of grandeur.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

I would imagine it involves delusions of grandeur, hallucinations of seeing religious figures or audio hallucinations of hearing God or angel or Satan, and other such things. Basically when spiritual beliefs and experiences become so severe that they interfere with a person's day to day life and make it difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality.


Answer by  buck555 (1)

i know someone who say's he is given an ability to speak many types of languages in one sentence from god and spends lots of time translating them also he listens to the radio for prophecies from peopl that may be unaware that they are speaking prophetically.

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