Question by  cpup (18)

What does the knitting stitch yf mean?


Answer by  Gavy (111)

It means "yarn forward." It's a method of increasing stitches, starting with your yarn forward or in front of the needle as if you were about to purl.


Answer by  eamuscatuli (80)

A 'yarn forward' stitch. While you normally hold the yarn behind the needles, for this stitch you will want to bring the yarn forward through the needles (similar to when you purl).


Answer by  claire (34)

the knitting stitch yf means yarn forward. take your yarn in front of the needle so that it wraps when you knit the stitch. it will imcrease by one and create a hole.

Reply by ruination (32):
Actually, what you've described is a YO or yarn over. yf just puts the yarn in front for the next stitch, yo wraps it around the needle to increase by one and create a hole that is often used in lace designs.  add a comment
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