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Question by  AndrewAugustine (19)

What does it mean if your gums have a bump and are painful?


Answer by  enu (452)

Gums if they have a bump and are painful are supposed to be gum boils. These are normally due to some nutritional deficiencies or may be due to an tooth abscess.


Answer by  Britt38 (45)

It sounds like an ulcer. You could have gotten it from eating acidic foods, brushing too hard, being sick, or even stress can cause them. There is not much you can do for ulcers. It should go away in a week, if not go to your doctor.


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

You could possibly have a tooth that is waiting to come in, if you haven't lost the previous tooth that grew in that spot (children). This can also be the sign of a gum abscess or inflammation. If you suspect gum abscess, see your dentist for antibiotics and drainage of the abscess.


Answer by  ujwalraimjoshi (729)

formation of bacterial infection on gums or while chewing some hard portion of food hit / hurt the gum. such wound if comes into contact of very cold or hot things it pains.


Answer by  Anonymous

i dont know???


Answer by  Anonymous

Try salt water or cold stuff.


Answer by  Anonymous

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