Question by  lousha (14)

What does it mean if there is gasoline in the oil?

My son said it loked like I had gas in my oil.


Answer by  berwynbob (49)

The car is misfiring. Check the plugs and replace if any are wet. If coolant is also being lost, the head gasket is blown.


Answer by  mf (22)

Maybe a gasket has broken? BUT most likely you have a ignition and walve malfunction. If your ignition doent ignite / use all gas thats entering the combustion chamber AND you have a walve thats leaking the gasoline can enter the "oily" parts of the engine.


Answer by  steve244 (11)

It means you have a leak in the fuel system that is allowing gas into the oil. Either the head gasket is leaking or the heads themselves are cracked.


Answer by  jackburton (21)

It usually means that you have gas passing my the piston rings. This may happen while cranking an engine that wont start.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

IF there is gasoline in your oil your engine has been severely flooded or, if your car has a carburator, the float needle seat is shot. Whenever your oil smells like gasoline it's very bad for your engine. And could seriously damage it. So I would change the oil ASAP.

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