Question by  Tim67 (23)

What does blood in my cat's poop mean?


Answer by  keiki (1376)

It could mean that your cat was constipated and has been straining to poop, or it could signal something more serious. Blood in stool is a sign of some illnesses, so you should take the cat to the vet to be checked out.


Answer by  anyname51 (101)

The cat may have an infection in its intestines or colon and may need medical attention. It may also be the result of a large bowel movement or the passage of some irritant through the rectum.


Answer by  msbee (484)

It may be something as severe as worms, to something as simple as the food they eat. Try feeding your cats natural cat food without fillers to keep cats healthy.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

This could mean that the cat is constipated and could have came of its poop or the insides are busted up.

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