Question by  Roland (65)

What do you do when an equation has no solution?


Answer by  VB (361)

There are a lot of situations where there is no solution. The correct answer is then just to write "No solution" or possibly "No real solution"


Answer by  kepke (46)

You can just write under the equation that it has no solution, it's a math, so pretty exact and you can't do anything to solve it.


Answer by  sashagud (43)

First I'm trying to find some errors in my process of solution. But generally "no solution" is an answer too.


Answer by  harS (19)

If an equation has no solution your answer to the problem should be : "The solution set for this problem is empty"


Answer by  willard (874)

Assuming that the equation has been written down correctly, then you simply say that there is no solution to this equation. There is no solution to the equation x^2 = -1, for example.

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